Proprietary Software for Ubuntu: Poison or Potion?

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Open source CMS

Scott's Box of Talk


There has been an underlying argument in light of recent news involving a number of proprietary software updates (some of which I’ve covered previously) for Ubuntu. As it stands now the Linux community has a great deal of choices when it comes to choosing the distribution that’s right for them. It is argued, however, that with the influx of proprietary software updates and releases for Ubuntu and Ubuntu alone that it will soon be “Ubuntu and all the rest.”

On one hand you have the people dedicated to open source, that think that Canonical, given the chance to include as much proprietary software as they’d like in their operating system, would turn into a heavily proprietary system similar to the one either Windows or Mac OS X operate under. The company could make its decisions based on sole financial incentive as opposed to thinking of consumer incentives by accepting…

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