Thoughts around Open Source dependability issues

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Open source CMS

Information Technology Paracuda

The success stories of open source attracted individuals and organizations to participate either by developing or by using Open Source Software (OSS), Gartner report ‘A CIO’s Perspective on Open-Source Software’ expect that open source components will a part of 99% of mission critical software within 2000 enterprise organization (Gartner 2011, cited in Coverity Scan, 2011) , this overpowering propagation of OSS push us to raise some question around dependability and worthiness of OSS , for instance Is OSS mature enough for business to rely on ? , is OSS secure enough to be part of critical solutions ? , who guarantee that the downloaded OSS is safe and not malware ? . I appreciate those concerns specially from market stakeholders who are looking for profit and reputation. in the following lines i will try to give a glance about OSS quality , security , safety and standards .



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